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Smart Container Planner

Introducing the Smart Container Planner (SCP), a game-changing multi-modal container transport planning decision support system, setting new benchmarks in logistics management. Powered by the adaptive algorithmic module RAVEN III, SCP stands as the epitome of efficiency, seamlessly integrating truck, barge, and rail modalities while excelling in delivering a clean, fast, and optimal solution.

At its core, SCP leverages RAVEN III's adaptive intelligence to expertly navigate disruptions and dynamically optimize routes. Swiftly adjusting to variables such as traffic fluctuations, weather changes, and unforeseen delays, SCP ensures lightning-fast container transportation without compromising on efficiency or meeting customer-defined KPIs.

What sets SCP apart is its agility in accommodating KPIs aligned with diverse business objectives. Whether prioritizing transit time, cost reduction, carbon footprint minimization, or other performance metrics, SCP tailors its optimization strategies with unparalleled speed and precision.

Emphasizing speed and cleanliness, SCP excels in cost optimization by intelligently allocating resources across truck, barge, and rail. It identifies the swiftest and most environmentally friendly routes and modalities, streamlining operations with unmatched efficiency and optimal performance.

SCP's user-centric interface empowers customers to monitor and fine-tune KPIs in real-time, providing swift visibility into transportation performance. Drawing actionable insights from RAVEN III's predictive analytics and adaptive planning, SCP ensures prompt decision-making, setting a new standard in logistics efficiency.

By incorporating customer-defined KPIs and prioritizing cleanliness, speed, and optimal performance, SCP represents a transformative leap in multi-modal container transport planning. It not only adeptly addresses disruptions and resource allocation but also grants customers the freedom to sculpt their logistics strategies, guaranteeing alignment with their overarching business objectives.

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